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At Spotlight Savannahs, we specialize in 100% healthy home-raised Savannah kittens that we are proud to put our name and reputation behind.

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The Popular Savannah Cat

For the Love of the Breed

A Savannah cat is the name given to the spotted offspring of a domestic cat and an African Serval, which is a long-legged, large-eared wild cat. Savannahs are larger, more social and loyal than typical domestic cats.

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Do Your Research

Is a Savannah Right for Me?

First and most importantly, decide if this type of kitten will best suit your family environment - remember they are high energy and you should do your research.

Savannah Cat FAQ

Why Choose Us?

Let's face it, there's a lot of breeders out there. We personally know quite a few exceptional ones! But that doesn't change the fact that we'd like to point out what makes our cattery top notch. We are always striving to produce the best spotted Savannah (SV) cats that adhere as closely to the breed standard as possible. We breed to achieve large, purrfectly healthy and well-socialized kittens. We also specialize in building and maintaining a strong buyer-breeder relationship. Just ask any of our previous owners, if you purchase one of our furry "family," then that makes you family, too!

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We specialize in golden coats, large upright ears, inky spots and exotic looking faces.

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We raise our kittens in home, under foot & subject them to lots of sensory stimulation.

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Every kitten comes with a 12-Month Health Guarantee, on a flea preventative & receives 2 rounds of inoculations.

No Kittens Currently Available

** F7 SBT Kittens Expected April 2016 **

Before checking out any available kittens, please educate yourself on our policies and other guidelines we adhere to. This page will explain how we run our cattery and what details should be known before deciding to apply for one of our kittens.

Purchasing a Spotlight Savannah

The kittens below have all been sold - this litter was absolutely stunning and we anticipate a similar litter again from these two. After Midi's first litter last July, future kittens from this pairing are quite sought after. Because of the high volume of interest we received, once we confirm pregnancy, we will be contacting those (in order of applications received) to offer choice reservations.  To join this waiting list and place yourself in line to reserve your future furry family member from Spotlight Savannahs, please fill out our Online Kitten Application to be considered and make sure to join our mailing list located a bit lower on this page.

Online Kitten Application

project 1

F7 SBT Female "Amara"

CoatBrown Spotted Tabby
QualityBreeder, show and/or pet

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project 2

F7 SBT Female "Dayo"

CoatBrown Spotted Tabby
QualityShow and/or pet

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project 3

F7 SBT Male "Keyon"

CoatBrown Spotted Tabby
QualityBreeder, show and/or pet

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project 4

F7 SBT Female "Makena"

CoatBrown Spotted Tabby
QualityPet only.

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project 5

F7 SBT Female "Zalika"

CoatBrown Spotted Tabby
QualityBreeder, show and/or pet

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project 6

F7 SBT Male "Ajani"

CoatBrown Spotted Tabby
QualityBreeder, show and/or pet

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  • project 1


    F7 SBT Female

  • project 2


    F7 SBT Female

  • project 3


    F7 SBT Male

  • project 4


    F7 SBT Female

  • project 5


    F7 SBT Female

  • project 6


    F7 SBT Male

About Spotlight Savannahs

Our adventure with the Savannah breed started in 2008 when Melody stumbled upon them while researching reputable Great Dane breeders. She then spent every available minute researching everything you should before deciding if a breed is right for you. Melody decided to start her own Savannah cattery in 2011 with just a handful of beautiful Savannah cats. Because there is a primary focus to specialize in quality and socialization, we only have a few litters each year.

Spotlight Savannahs is a TICA (The International Cat Assoc.) registered cattery (#23545). We adhere strictly to the TICA Code of breeding Ethics. We breed discriminately and only if we can find appropriate homes for our kittens (most kittens are reserved before they are 12-weeks old). We place kittens only in homes that we believe will provide a life-long commitment of love, appreciation and responsible care.

Our beautiful Savannahs have been published in several magazines, such as Cats USA, Kittens USA, Savannah Cat Illustrated and Catster/Cat Fancy as well as being seen in commercials for companies like Orbotix (the creators of Sphero).

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Born here with us, daughter to our stunning (retired) F5 C sugar sweet DeciBelle and (retired) beasty fertile F6 SBT Roary. Midi, aka "Moo" is a melanistic (black) Savannah born 08/11/13. Midi is a wonderful mother and produces both high contrast warm and cool brown/black spotted tabbies and the frequently coveted inky black noses. She passes her sassy and social personality onto her bouncy baby kittens.

team 1

Melody Waara

Breeder Extraordinaire

Melody is the human owned by the Savannahs in the household and they all love her very much. Favorite activities include waving the kitty wand around and supplying noms.

team 1


F6 C

Gibson is a heart-of-gold warm colored brown/black spotted tabby born 03/04/2013. He came to us from the lovely Christine Avalon in Canada. Gib's mother is F5 C Wyldthingz Anne Boley and his father is the well-known F6 B A1Savannah Flash Dance. Gib's "loves his job" and often produces leggy kittens with black noses and beautiful wide nose bridges.

Meet the Breeder

Melody has been an "animal person" from birth, and developed an interest in breeding and raising animals from a young age. Raising rescue animals and volunteering/working at veterinarian's offices and local shelters helped shape Melody's ethical opinions on breeding, why it's done and what should be done to help with pet over-population. You'll frequently see Melody taking part in helping spay-and-neuter organizations, feline disease research and wildlife preservation.

A career in dental office management the past eight years has also brought Melody a lot of opportunities to help people obtain better oral health, happiness and well-being. You'll find she brings that same love of enriching people's lives into her cattery, as she has no doubt the happiness that accompanies being owned by a Savannah.

 In her free time, Melody enjoys spending time with her boyfriend, Andy, photography, art & design, electronic dance music/festivals, motorcycles and making new friends.

Accreditations and Memberships

  • The International Cat Association (TICA)

  • Patrick's

  • Savannah Cat Club (SVCC)

  • The Feline Nutrition Education Society

  • Feline Conservation Federation

  • Contributor

A genetic registry, TICA allows newer cat breeds, such as the Savannah, compete for titles and regional and international awards. TICA also was the first cat--and now the world's largest--registry to allow household cats and household kittens to compete for the same titles at cat shows and awards as pedigreed cats. A member since 2011, Melody has been in good standing with TICA her entire relationship and has shown several of her Savannahs.

Is a Savannah Cat Right for Me?

Savannah Cat FAQ


We are so blessed to have worked with so many wonderful, loving people who have given our babies the best homes possible. They do get warned, one Savannah is never enough! I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know each and every one of them and I know how much each of these great people love and understand how truly special my babies are. You can ask any one of them, once you get a Savannah from Spotlight Savannahs, you're part of the family!

"Axel is doing AMAZING. I really cannot express what a joy he is. From the moment he exited the crate (to crawl in my lap and PURRRRRR), he's been so hilarious and fun and loving. He really is THE PERFECT kitten. I don't know what your formula is, but whatever you're doing, it's GOLD!

You have the most amazing kittens. I'm so lucky to have found you, and thus, Axel. He's eating like a champ, he's using the litterbox flawlessly and he's bonding to all of us."

client 1 Elizabeth Gaynor Portland, OR

"Our experience with Spotlight Savannahs has been nothing short of amazing from the start. It's more than obvious that Melody knows what she's doing and is an amazing caretaker of these beautiful cats. Calling her a breeder almost feels like an understatement with how much love she shows all of her cats and kittens, from birth until they find their new homes, and even afterward."

client 2 Stephen Washington Kingston, NY

"I contacted Melody the moment I saw her recent litter. From day one, Melody was helpful, professional, and prompt. Every week, I received an email with an update about my kitten, Drogo, along with either photographs or a video. I really felt like Drogo was a part of my life before I even met him.

It was clear that Melody had done a great job socializing him, especially since he had absolutely no issues meeting our two other cats."

client 3 Ethan Brandt St. Louis, MO

"We highly recommend Spotlight Savannahs to anyone wanting a Savannah kitten."
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